Unturned Server Organiser CLI

What is that?

The Unturned Server Organiser CLI is a small tool that helps you to create Unturned servers with just a few text commands. It is designed to put as little overhead to a server as possible. In the following FAQ we are trying to take away the most common questions people have.
Please read them first before contacting the support or asking somewhere else.
Just download the zip file containing the usocli.exe and some predefined scripts. And extract it to a folder on your computer. All done! Now you are just two commands away from your own Unturned server.
The key functionalities of this tool are:
  • Updating / Installing the Unturned server files
  • Updating / Installing RocketMod
  • Starting a basic server
  • Run any command by giving it to the CLI as a process argument. This way you can create batch scripts to automatically update and run servers.
To see a full list of commands just run the "help" command in the CLI.
For creating and running a server just follow the following steps. (Some are optional)
  1. Start the CLI
  2. (Optional) Tell the tool where you want your server files to be located. By default the tool will create a folder next to the CLI called "engine". If you want to change this location execute varset(enginepath=C:\my\path)
  3. Install the actual server files: updateEngine()
  4. (Optional) Install RocketMod: updateRocketMod()
  5. Run your server: runServer(id=YourServerID) You can replace YourServerID with any ID consisting of letters and numbers. You can use some special charachters like _ but we don't recommend to do that.
Yes! Some features on our list are:
  • Workshop mod installation
  • Plugin installation
  • UPnP forwarding
  • One-Console feature. Unite the CLI and Unturned in one console.

For those who are interested the source code can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/discounter24/uso_cli

Download here